2. Grace – Our Response

3 November 2019

Topic: Ephesians

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Ephesians 2:1-10

Part 1 – Unmerited Favour

  1.     “Unmerited” (v1-3)

Before salvation, we are dead, disobedient and doomed.

  1.     “Favour” (v4-6)

After salvation, we are made alive and given a new position.

Part 2 – Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone 

Question 1 – Why? (v7)

a.    To show God’s Grace

b.    To offer us salvation

Question 2 – How? (v8-9)

At Salvation:

a.    God’s Initiative – Grace Alone v8a

b.    Our Response – Faith Alone v8b-9

Question 3 – What now? (v10)

a.     Before Salvation – Faith v8

b.     After Salvation – Works v10


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