Legal and Compliance Information

Safe Church Policy

The Church is committed to providing places, services and programs that promote physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety and model the love of Christ to all whom we have contact with, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Code of conduct for staff and volunteers

The Church is committed to creating safe spaces where people can be confident that they will be cared for, nurtured and encouraged as they grow and at the same time, protected from spiritual, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Guidelines for activities with children and young people

This document is provided to assist local churches as they make decisions about specific situations related to ministry with children and young people. In most instances, there are many variables to be considered and it would be inappropriate to formulate a single rule for application across our movement.

Procedure for conflict resolution

The Procedure for Conflict Resolution (the Procedure) sets out a procedure for resolving conflict between two or more staff, volunteers, members or attenders of the Church in a pastoral and restorative manner, rather than through a formal complaint handling procedure.

Procedure for Handling complaints against staff and volunteers

The Procedure for Handling Complaints Against Staff and Volunteers (the Procedure) sets out a procedure by which a complaint or information relating to a serious breach of the Code of Conduct can be received, investigated and resolved.

Procedure for responding to child protection concerns (NSW)

The Procedure for Responding to Child Protection Concerns (the Procedure) sets out a procedure to follow when a complaint or information about any form of child protection concern is received.

Procedure for staff and volunteers

The Procedure for Staff and Volunteers sets out a procedure for the thorough recruitment, screening, training and resourcing of all staff and volunteers, particularly those engaged in Child-related Work (within the meaning of the WWCC Legislation) or Regulated Activity (within the meaning of WWVP Legislation).

Screening questionnaires

For staff and volunteers aged 18 and over.

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