1. Grace – Amazingly Undeserved

27 October 2019

Topic: Ephesians

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Grace – Part 1 (Ephesians 2:1-7)

  1.      “Unmerited” – Our part (v1-3)
    Before salvation:
    a.    Dead v1
             i.        The world v2a
             ii.        The devil v2b
             iii.        Our nature v3
    b.    Disobedient v2b
    c.    Doomed v3b
  2.       “Favour” – God’s part (v4-6)
    After salvation:
    a.    Alive v5a
    b.    Saved v5b
    c.    New position v6

Question – Why? (v7-9)

a.     To show God’s Grace (v7)
God’s Grace is expressed to us through His:
    i.         Undeserved Kindness v7b
    ii.         Undeserved Love v4a
    iii.         Undeserved Mercy v4b

b.     To offer us salvation (v8-9)

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